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2 responses to “Mailing List

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Just discovered your blog and youtube videos directing the Antigonish choir. Really nice stuff. I write to you because I am teaching elementary music in the fall in Pomquet and would like to incorporate scottish Gaelic songs in my students’ repertoire. I’m not at all fluent (French is way more my thing). Do you have any recommendations? I am a big fan of Mary Jane Lamond and Julie Fowlis – these are the types of songs I’d like to learn and teach. I have learned one gaelic song from MJ Lamond called Cagaran. I learned it from two recordings, one spoken and one sung. It was enormously helpful to have both! I would appreciate any tips. Are you in the Antigonish area?

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the videos. I’m afraid I have moved back to North Carolina, so I can’t help you directly, but I’d recommend getting in touch with the NS Office of Gaelic Affairs. They should be able to point in you the direction of some good local resources.
      Good luck–let me know how it goes!

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