Twisty Cuffs Logo Cropped Feet

Cape Breton step dancing is a fun and accessible type of Celtic percussive dance with Scottish roots. Made famous by performers such as Natalie MacMaster, Leahy, and the Barra MacNeils, this style features infectious rhythms and an inherent musicality. Anyone who can jog lightly in rhythm for a few minutes at a time can learn to do Cape Breton dancing.

Stephanie has been teaching Cape Breton step dancing since 2002, and was the founding director of the Asheville-based percussive dance group Twisty Cuffs. She studied dance with Malke Rosenfeld, Bonnie Jean MacDonald and Jean MacNeil (“mother of the Barra MacNeils”), and has danced onstage with Buddy MacMaster, Ira Bernstein, John Doyle, Liz Carroll, and numerous other luminaries of Celtic music and dance.

The twisty feet graphic on this page is by Beanie Odell.

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